The Staff of St Jude's warmly welcomes your child to school. It is our hope and wish that your child:

Enjoys school
Is happy
Grows in confidence
Has a sense of achievement and responsibility
The Preparatory year is the beginning of formal schooling and it is important that the transition from home or kindergarten to school is a smooth one. At St Jude's each child is visited by their Prep teacher at home prior to commencing school. These personal visits provide parents, children and teachers with the opportunity to become acquainted with each other, thereby ensuring a smooth start to the year.

The First Step
Starting school is a very new experience. From the small world of the family, the child is exposed to a large world of strangers.

Before your child begins school he/she should be placed in a situation outside the home environment, for example, staying with friends and relations. In these situations your child learns to feel independent and grown up as he/she has a chance to look after him/her self.

Preparing your Child for School
If your child is able to do the following he/she will be better equipped to fit easily into school life:

Recognize and write his/her own name
Attend to own toilet needs
Put on and take off shoes, socks and jumpers
Prep Commencing School Times
A series of orientation days will be helpful to your child commencing school. Prep children complete full days Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Wednesday is a rest day. The preps first full week is the week before the March long weekend.

There are many things that you, as a parent, can do to help your child's introduction to school be a happy one:

Discuss with your child the fact that school will be a place to make new friends, to play games, sing, make things and learn
Encourage your child to look to others for help. Remember you won't be at school with them and they must learn to gain confidence in someone else
Encourage your child to finish tasks. A child who never sees a task through is going to be disadvantaged at school
Give your child a sense of responsibility. They need to do things for themselves, for example, carrying their own schoolbag
Clearly mark or name all your child's belongings
Do not let your child bring breakable or valuable toys to school.