General Information
At St Jude the Apostle Primary School we believe that we are all lifetime learners and that learning occurs in many different ways and forms. We learn from our interactions with the community that surrounds us. We believe that we have a responsibility to encourage children in our care to become responsible, contributing members of Australian and global

St. Jude’s is a school that is committed to the values and principles of Australian Democracy, including:

the rule of law;
elected Government;
equal rights for all before the law;
freedom of religion;
freedom of speech and association;
the values of openness and tolerance.
We are committed to the Educational Philosophy of St John Bosco, founder of the Salesian Order and the Salesian Sisters who administer the school. This philosophy is based on the foundational principles of Reason, Religion and Loving Kindness.

In our teaching we aim to be present to all children allowing them to both learn from us and to teach us. To accomplish this aim we create an atmosphere that allows children to grow and develop, to make mistakes without the fear of failure, where they can be challenged to stretch their horizons and be empowered with the knowledge and skills to realise their dreams.

Accidents/Ambulance Fund
It is recommended that families attending our school have adequate accident funds and have current subscription to the Ambulance Service.

The Catholic Development Fund (CDF) provides banking facilities, managed by parents, for the children. Banking day is MONDAY. Application forms are available from the School Office.

Book Club
Children may order books from Ashton Scholastic Book Club throughout the year. Orders and the correct money are to be placed in an enclosed envelope clearly labelled with their name and grade and handed to the teacher.

The school provides a canteen facility run by parent volunteers. The canteen is open for lunch orders and over counter sales at lunch time on Thursday only. It is open all other days at recess for over counter sales. In summer it is open every day for children to buy icy poles. Lunch orders must be written on a paper bag labelled with child's name and grade level. Correct money is appreciated. Canteen lists are distributed at the beginning of the year to each family. The canteen is run on a volunteer basis and we ask everyone to consider assisting.

Car Parking
For the safety of children we request you be mindful of the following rules:

Enter the Church driveway from George Street only
Exit through gates via Michele Drive
No parking or stopping to drop children off on church driveway
Speed limit is 5 kph
Look out for children and cyclists especially around corners
The area behind the Church is open for parking, especially for parents who work at school or canteen
No cars are allowed to park near the canteen or the tennis courts
Please do not drive out on school side of hall
No cars are allowed in staff car park unless by prior arrangement with the principal.
NOTE: The 2 minute dropping off limit in front of the school between 8 and 9 am. Council traffic officers often check this and fines do apply.

Care of School and Personal Property
Children are expected to respect school property and help keep their own classroom and playing areas clean and tidy. All children's clothing, books and personal belongings should be clearly marked with the child's name. It is not recommended that children be allowed to bring expensive personal items to school. Lost property boxes are located in the school foyer and in the Infant Area.

Class Arrangements
The children are accommodated in either a straight grade or composite grade. This varies from year to year depending on enrolment numbers, and children's academic and social needs.

Curriculum Days
There are usually four or five days each year when the school is closed for staff curriculum days. These days are essential for the ongoing development of programs and school arrangements. Full day care is usually available on these days through the before and After School Centre.

We aim to foster in each child self discipline, self respect and a good self image, balanced by respect for others and their rights. We believe we achieve this by being firm, consistent but also approachable. We will not hesitate to call you if we feel a problem warrants your attention. We use an Assertive Discipline approach and believe that "Prevention is better than cure!"

The eldest member of each family receives a newsletter every Wednesday. The newsletter informs you of current events and is a valuable source of communication between school and home. We like to include family news whenever we so let us know when something important is happening in your family that you would like to share with our community.

Parent Communication
We encourage on going communication between school and home regarding each child's development. Parents are encouraged to contact teachers to arrange a suitable time to meet to discuss their child's progress, behaviour or any other concerns. Teachers are available in their classrooms at 8.45am. We do ask you to be aware that once classes have begun, teachers cannot stop to chat with parents. Teachers are not available on a Monday and Wednesday afternoon as they attend staff meetings.

Parent Support
St Jude's School has always had a strong network of parental support. Parents contribute to the various committees of our school and Parish. They assist in the Canteen, on excursions and in many ways in classrooms. Contributions from parents are always appreciated and we look forward to strengthening and developing this partnership.

Post Primary Placement
When your child is in Year 5 you will receive information concerning secondary colleges within our area. Most secondary colleges have open days when you can view facilities and find out information regarding enrolment procedures. Enrolments take place early in Year 6. A place in a Catholic Primary School does not guarantee a place in a Catholic Secondary school.

Reports and Interviews
Written reports are issued twice a year. Parent/Teacher interviews are held mid year and on request at any other time. At the beginning of the school year an interview or class information evening is held. Good communication is one of the keys to your child's success.

Timetable of the Day
8.55 - 11.00 am: Classes begin
11.00 - 11.15 am: Eating time
11.15 - 12.00 am: Lunch
12:00 - 2.00 pm: Classes resume
2.00 - 2.10 pm: Eating time
2.10 - 2.35 pm: Play time
2.35 - 3.20 pm: Classes resume
Visitors and Parent Helpers
We welcome visitors to our school, please contact us for an appointment. When you arrive at St. Jude the Apostle, we request you introduce yourself by signing in at the office. You can then collect a "visitor's lanyard" to wear whilst in the school. All parent helpers must have a valid Working With Children Check card with them at all times while helping in classrooms.